Nature 3.x: Where is Nature Now? is a multi-disciplinary symposium that considers how the complex global environmental issues of the Anthropocene now challenge our relationship with the environment. The symposium invites a broad audience of artists, writers, design professionals and others to speculate upon emerging ideas of nature in the Anthropocene. The work is intentionally broad and includes innovative topics such as post-industrial feral landscape ecology, eco-toxic tourism, manufactured urban ecosystems, post-natural disaster resiliency planning, hypernature and technology, and genetically modified environments.  The symposium will attract a broad and diverse audience including artists, landscape architects, writers, urban planners and other creative thinkers and activists concerned with the future of the urban environment.


The Nature 3.x Symposium is co-convened by University of Minnesota Professor Matthew Tucker and Professor Christine Baeumler, with generous support by the University of Minnesota Department of Landscape Architecture,  the Institute for Advanced Studies, and the Institute on the Environment. Symposium reception and keynote lecture co-hosted with Minneapolis Parks Foundation as the first presentation of the 2015 Next Generation of Parks™ Lecture Series. Major Sponsors for the 2015 Next Generation of Parks™ Lecture Series: Whole Foods Markets and Produced with Support From: The Cynthia Froid Group.

Symposium Schedule and Registration


This event is free and open to the public with advance registration required. Please RSVP here.


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